Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perfect Fit Ergo Speed Douche

Perfect Fit Ergo Speed Douche Perfect Fit Ergo Speed Douche for a quick clean up before or after sex. The Ergo Speed Douche leads the pack of mainstream douches because it sports a bending nozzle and our Ergo Air Valve Technology. With its 6 inches Thermoplastic Resin TPR bending, bulbous nozzle, a quick cleanse is easy and comfortable. It also incorporates our innovative Ergo Air Valve Technology which utilizes an one-way air intake valve on the bottom of the bulb so you squeeze with less force and use more water in one insertion. This greatly reduces back flow and also allows you to utilize the full capacity of the bulb on every use. These improvements result in the speediest clean possible. Bulb weighs 10 ounces, made using medical grade PVC, phthalate free, proprietary quick screw-in nozzle. Nozzle is 6 inches long. Nozzle is made using phthalate free and Thermoplastic Resin TPR and meets EN-713 standards. Feature larger bulbous head for easy insertion and comfort. Safe with all l

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